Primal Living – Spoonful of Sugar


We had a great time working with health interest company Primal Living on their campaign to increase awareness of hidden sugars. The brief was for a piece of animation that was dark and hard hitting, which we were naturally quite excited about.

We worked with Primal Living to design the characters, a swarthy looking bunch of teenagers, who would slowly but surely degrade into sugar zombies.


We storyboarded the journey of our girl from the breakfast table to the end of the school day, working in Primal Living’s messages along the way.

We took the approved storyboard into an animatic, here’s how it looks against the final animation.

Animating various sugary foods turning into sugar lumps was great fun, poof!

Direction, character design and animation: Joe Wood
Animation: David Connolly, Marta Dias, Duncan Gilbertson
Storyboard: Antony Rendall
Environment Design: Tanya J Scott
Sound Design: Foster & Foster
Voice Over: Ella Avery
Creative Producer: Stef Bowskill