SARSAS – Fundraising


Through our ongoing relationship with local charity SARSAS, Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support, we made a film to inspire and thank it’s fundraisers. Designed and animated by our super talented friends Hend Esmat and Lamiaa Diab, proudly produced by an all female Rumpus team.

The film takes us on the journey of the survivor, we see how the charity and it’s community of fundraisers lifts them up. Joyous rainbow, birdsong and bean bath toboggan finale included.

Here’s some behind the scenes animatic and character development.




Direction, design and animation: Hend Esmat and Lamiaa Diab
Storyboard: Annabelle Edwards-Xu
Voice Over: Katy Maw
Creative Producer: Stef Bowskill