BBC Learning – KS2 Maths and Science


We made 22 animations for BBC Learning aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 students. Working with a big collection of brilliant animators, designers and storyboard artists to create some wonderful animations about Maths and Science.

Written and Directed: Joe Wood
Produced: Elise Townsend
Education Consultant:  Janine Ashman
Storyboards: Leah Panigada-Carey, Emma Shepherd
Sound Design:  Joe Farr
Voice Over: Greig Johnson
Design: Joe Wood, Emma Shepherd, Leah Panigada-Carey
Animation: Dave McKenna, Jane Davies, Oli Knowles, Dan Emmerson, Leah Panigada-Carey, Emma Shepherd, Joe Wood
3D build: Tim Ruffle
Compositing: Dan Blore, George Sander-Jackson

Original designs for the pitch – the characters looked too young…

….some very messy scribbles later….

…and we got the final character designs.