The Project

Rumpus are so totally proud to be working on the hotly anticipated couch co-op beat ’em up Battletoads.

Directed by our friends in Essex, the amazing Dlala Studios, we produce hand drawn 2D character animation for the game. Animated in a Saturday morning style, the characters are a joy and the writing is hilarious!

The gameplay trailer was revealed at E3 in 2019, watch this space for the official release date on Xbox One in 2020 (it’s all very exciting).

Animation: Luke Hyde, Marta Dias, Gabriela Fial, Ross Butter, Louis Hudson, Jardine Sage, Chiara Sgatti, Christine Le, Maria Sandvig, Duncan Gilbertson

Clean up: Antony Rendall, Beatrice Theyrer, Beatrice Loren, Matt Armitage, Betta Ugliano, Iona Menzies