Series one, two and three

We created all the animated sections for series one to three of How to be Epic @ Everything for CBBC. In series one we covered delights such as how to be epic at jousting, gladiator(ing) and maths, while series two contained a selection of Bad Luck Billy’s happiest, saddest and scariest moments.

Directed by RUMPUS!
Design: Seb Burnett, Gareth Conway
Animation: Oli Knowles, Dan Mitchell, Kirsten Thacker, Joe Wood
Compositing: Dan Blore

Shakespeare Special

Rumpus created a special for CBBC’s How to be Epic series to coincide with Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary celebration. Counting down the top ten deaths in his plays, we enjoyed the challenge of animating the most popular deaths in a child friendly way.

Directed by Joe Wood
Storyboarding: Leah Panigada-Carey
Design: Gareth Conway
Animation: Kirsten Thacker
Compositing: Dan Blore