The Project

Well, talk about flippin’ starstruck! We are so proud to have delivered hand drawn character in-game animation for our friends at Dlala for their all new Nintendo Switch game, Disney Illusion Island. Working with the brilliant Dlala Animation Director, Eric Ciccone.

Starring the Fab Four, the gamer’s quest is to explore the mysterious island of Monoth and recover three mystical books to save the world from disaster.

As if the in game characters weren’t exciting enough, we also produced over 35 minutes of wonderfully silly cutscenes animation.

Working with these characters on a daily basis has been a total joy and we are so excited that this game is making it’s way to people’s homes!

Game Animation:
Luke Hyde, Marta Dias, Gabriela Fial, Duncan Gilbertson,
Beatrice Theyrer, Ben Spybey, Antony Rendall

Storyboard: Nom Tarassenko
Storyboard Junior: Tom Cushing
Animation Director: Joe Wood
Lead Animator: Dave McKenna
Animation: Mara Fradella, Duncan Gilbertson, Dave Connolly,
Cat O’Brien, Ewan Schwarz
Junior Animator: Tom Cushing
Compositor: Jack Churchill
Production Coordinator: Grace Harris
Producer: Stef Bowskill