The Brief

Sudler & Hennessey approached us to make a short animation about preventing Rotavirus in babies. The client needed endearing characters, familiar scenarios and homely production design to deliver important messages on what is a really nasty disease. 

How We Did It

Scripted by Sudler & Hennessey, we worked through the storyboard, animatic, design and delivered the animation complete with music and voice over for international distribution by the client. We enjoyed a bit of character development on that adorable baby! 

Agency – Sudler & Hennessey
Director – Joe Wood
Storyboard – Lizzie Houldsworth
Art Direction / Design РMarcel O’Leary
Design – Lizzie Houldsworth, Seekan Hui
Animation – Phil Parker, Marta Dias, Alice Parkes, Philippa Borman, Tina Lykke Thorn
Comp – Fincher Trist
Voice over – Alexia Kombou
Music and Sound Design – Patrick Henchman