The Project

After a Rumpus rebrand we found ourselves wondering what we’d make if nobody was paying us, so we set about making some idents exactly how we wanted to flipping well make them. Partly to show off our amazing creatives, but also to shout ‘this is us!’.

The brief was to create a short animation anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds, on the vague theme of What a RUMPUS! The process was slow (client work always came first) but totally joyous.

Do enjoy the variety of silliness, terror and heavy metal.


The idea for HUNT first came to Luke from a couple of his Inktober drawings. The Hunter was originally a cheeky gremlin with a slingshot that would track and shoot deer, but he soon developed into an overly confident human archer.

Click here for some HUNT development work

Design, Animation and Direction: Luke Hyde
Sound Design: James Keeble


If you’ve ever wondered about the origin story of the Rumpus logo then wonder no further…

CULT follows a group of civil servants on their weekend culty activities who stumble upon more than they bargained for. It’s a little bit Folk Horror, a little bit psychedelic and a bit silly.

More info on CULT here

Design, Animation and Direction: Joe Wood
Compositing: Jack Churchill
Sound Design: James Keeble


This action-packed dinner time comes from Chiara Sgatti, inspired by her girlfriend’s hatred of broccoli.

Here’s some behind the scenes GREENS

Design, Animation and Direction: Chiara Sgatti
Sound Design: James Keeble


In this fun hybrid short, Tom Cushing has brought us a wobbly little gnome and their beloved strawberry.

GNOME behind the scenes here

Design, Animation and Direction: Tom Cushing
Compositing: Jack Churchill
Sound: Patrick Henchman


A miniature metal masterpiece from Marta Dias.

DOOM development work here

Design, Animation and Direction: Marta Dias
Compositing: Jack Churchill
Music: Adam Ringo Lowe

Rumpus TV

A whiff of nostalgic TV mini idents, skilfully designed to link together the idents into one little Rumpus TV package.

Design, Animation and Direction: Jack Churchill
Sound: Patrick Henchman